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No one knows the Kosciuszko National Park from the air better than our pilots, so no one is better placed to show it to you.

Heli Surveys works in and around the Park 365 days a year, providing helicopters and manpower for projects as diverse as the Corroboree frog recovery program, aerial quoll tracking, weed management, snow sampling, and fire control, to name just a few. We are passionate about the issues affecting the Park, so along with a breathtaking view, you can look forward to a fascinating insight into the Park's diversity, management programs and associated challenges.

Head beyond the boundaries to the pristine expanse of the National Park. View the majestic twin peaks of Mt. Kosciuszko and Mt Townsend, the Blue Lake, Watson's Crags and the Rams Head ranges. In the distance, the Victorian Alps and the Mt Jagungal wilderness area. Take in the splendour of the Park's western faces, most of which are only visible from the air. Spotting the wild brumbies is a regular feature of this flight. A bird's eye view of the ski fields, chalets, Lake Jindabyne and the township itself awaits on your return leg. Along with an interesting and informative commentary, this flight offers the unique experience of helicopter flight, to a place of unrivalled beauty.

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